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EIFN is a project supported by the European
Commission under the Europe INNOVA initiative

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May 29, 2006 The intelligent energy program
May 24, 2006 International Events
24-26 of May in Vilnius
May 23, 2006 The special rate for IRC staff is 200 EUR and accommodation may be booked through TII in the conveniently located Barcelo Hotel Sants in central Barcelona. To register, please use the on-line registration facility on the TII website at http://tii.org/IMT ; http://www.tii.org - E-Mail: tii@tii.org '> Innovation Management Technique Master Class
23 May, Barcelo Sants Hotel, Barcelona
May 23, 2006 Wind Farm Projects
23.05.06; Warsaw, Poland
May 15, 2006 * BUY BRIGHT information platform and networking evening - 30 or 31 May 2006, Brussels, Belgium
'> Forthcoming Events:
May 15, 2006 The May ManagEnergy Newsletter is now online
May 11, 2006 Research to Business - R2B 2006
Bologna, Italy, on 11 and 12 May
May 10, 2006 Who should attend: Lenders, developers, financiers and other professionals who wish to benefit from our commercial, legal and contractual experience, and thus ease the route to successful wind project finance.
Course Outline: Project documents, The pro forma, Energy yield, Turbine specifications, Warranties, Construction, Documentation, Problems to expect, Planning and permits, Grid connection, Practical Tipps.'> Making Your Wind Farm Financeable
10th May - London
May 10, 2006 PRO INNO Europe is intended to become the focal point of innovation policy analysis and development throughout Europe. It will ultimately unite the current PAXIS and TrendChart initiatives (including the European Innovation Scoreboard) within a common framework.
As a result, existing policy analysis and benchmarking activities will be integrated with new incentives for trans-national cooperation, innovation actions and policy-learning methods. A strong regional dimension will also be created by developing cooperation with the Innovating Regions in Europe (IRE) network.
The new PRO INNO Europe service on CORDIS provides a comprehensive overview of the initiative. It gives concise and clear explanations of PRO INNO Europe's three main pillars (policy analysis, policy learning and policy development), and will lead the user to further information on the seven individual modules that make up the pillars.
Until the initiative is fully operational in early 2007, CORDIS will gradually expand its information services to reflect the ongoing development of PRO INNO Europe. The first three modules of the initiative will be launched in mid-2006.
The PRO INNO Europe service on CORDIS is part of the broader portal on Innovation Policy in Europe, which covers a number of different initiatives and policy measures on EU innovation policy.
The CORDIS European Innovation Portal at:
The new PRO INNO Europe service is available at the following address:'> PRO INNO Europe: A new innovation policy initiative on CORDIS
May 10, 2006 Successful experience with energy innovation financing in the USA
NREL Enterprise Development Program
May 09, 2006 All the players in that arena are involved: governmental bodies, public sector, businesses, SMEs, international organisations and the civil society. No doubt that the increasing demand for ICT's funding is offering new prospects for banks, private equity houses, venture capitalists, legal, IT and consulting firms as well.
To view the programme or to register, kindly click on: http://www.euroconvention.com/8000-vienna1.htm . If you have any questions, please contact us on email info@euroconvention.com or tel. +32 2 733 59 40.
'> Major event on Funding growth of European ICT Industry
9-10 May in Vienna
May 08, 2006 Wind Project Financing & Risk Management
June 8, 2006 - New York
May 03, 2006 For further information, please visit:

'> European Inventor of the Year
3 May in Brussels, Belgium
Apr 27, 2006 Europe Innova Info Day and GOPP session; 27th April
Apr 26, 2006 Annual TII Conference - Innovation in the 21st century - Gateshead, England
26 – 28 of April 2006
Apr 26, 2006 TII’s Conference on Innovation in the 21st Century
26-28th of April
Apr 25, 2006 How to raise capital with a realistic and viable Biotech Business Plan
Apr 24, 2006 The Hannover International Technology; in the context of the Hannover Industrial Fair 2006
24th and 25th of April 2006
Apr 10, 2006 Best practice in LEI, Lithuania
Heat and electricity from sewerage treatment silt in Lithuania
Apr 10, 2006 EIFN Newsletter:
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