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Apr 10, 2006 Do you think the winner of the next European Venture Contest might be located in your region?
If your answer is yes, then you have an opportunity to be acknowledged as a leading region in innovation towards international investors and decision takers. If not, participation will demonstrate what you need to emulate.
The European Venture Contest is directed towards innovative technology ventures that have the potential to reshape their industry and market. Following a strict selection process including 8 Pitching Sessions where entrepreneurs will defend their venture to investors, the venture contest laureates will be honoured and rewarded. All participants will have the opportunity to network with global financial and industrial partners.
The European Venture Foundation calls for expressions of interest to host one of eight Pitching Sessions as well as the Final Jury and Award Ceremony. Hosts are expected to contribute financially to the organisation and to mobilise local resources in furtherance of the contest goals.
Hosting a Pitching Session is a unique opportunity to spotlight your region in front of more than 1500 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate dealmakers, advisors, government representatives and the like. It greatly facilitates the enrolment of the technology ventures in your region to be judged and benchmarked by world-renowned investors and corporate dealmakers.
Regions or cities interested in hosting a Pitching Session or the Final Jury and Award Ceremony, can retrieve the complete information package at the following e-mail address:

'> International Events
European Venture Contest 2006 , Call for expression of interest to host Pitching Sessions, Final Jury and Award Ceremony
Apr 10, 2006 To see the full details of the call, please read more bellow:'> PRO INNO call for proposals
Apr 10, 2006 Technology offers from Romania
Mar 30, 2006 Our seminar offers an unique opportunity to find partners and to develop your own project ideas.
Experts from the European Commission and prominent consultants will be available for you to answer to your questions and to share with you their practical experiences gained during years of working within ICT field. Registration deadline: 24 March 2006
'> Seminar Transfer of Knowledge into Growth
Brussels, on 30 March 2006
Mar 21, 2006 EIFN Events - Steering Committee
March 2006, 21st and 22nd
Mar 21, 2006 EIFN Events - Steering Committee
March 2006, 21st and 22nd
Mar 10, 2006 European Innovation - More research and innovation - investing for growth and employment: a common approach
Mar 07, 2006 Managing innovation. Paris, France
7 and 8 March
Feb 27, 2006 EWEC 2006, Business, Science & Technology. Europes premier wind energy event. Athens, Greece
27th February – 3rd March, 2006
Feb 23, 2006 The international congress
23 February 2006
Jan 31, 2006 The PAXIS Manual for Innovation Policy Makers and Practitioners
31 January 2006
- CleanTech Biofuels, Fiberight agree to create municipal solid waste to cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant
- 10th IAEE European Conference
7 - 10 September 2009
- CCH- Congress Center and International Fair Hamburg.

'> 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition
Hamburg, Germany 21 - 25 September 2009
- 3rd Energy Package: Comments from Energy Regulators on Agency and Codes
- 4th POWERGRID Europe 2010
Amsterdam, June 2010
- '> 4th Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo
Amsterdam, June 2010
- 5th Annual Conference on Clean Energy
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