EIFN Energy Innovative Financial Network
EIFN is a project supported by the European
Commission under the Europe INNOVA initiative

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Bridging innovation finance and energy technology
Energy Sector Innovation-Financial Network

Innovation in the energy sector has found relevant barriers to access to finance services:

  • Some project promoters needs more knowledge about financing alternatives, access to financial resources procedures, structured finance, project evaluation methodologies, economic valuation of the project environmental impact, business plan elaboration, risk management.
  • Projects with long maturation periods that needs to adapt project financial structure to this characteristic.
  • Usually these projects require high volume of financial resources, in some cases the promoters has problems to engage guaranties to obtain the finance support.
  • Projects with high volatility cash flows due to: technology risk, regulatory risk, commodity price risk.
  • How to access to financial services.

Who we are:
We are an international, multi-disciplinary team gathering together innovation, energy technology and financial specialists. We are fully dedicated to helping and guiding those who have carried out
innovation and wish to obtain financing with a view to setting up a business venture based on the results of this innovation.

Participant name

Deloitte Spain
Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias Spain
Institut für Solare Energieversorgungstechnik Germany
SC IPA SA CIFATT Craiova Romania
Lietuvos energetikos institutas Lithuania
Ente Vasco de la Energía Spain
Korona Power Engineering d.d. Slovenia
Innovation NCP Poland
ZAB ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg Germany
Consorzio Catania Ricerche Italy
Instituto de Empresa Spain
Institute of Power Engineering Poland

What we will provide:

  • A complete information package including an assessment tool to enable promoters to establish the state of advancement of their prospective venture and a business planning model to help them prepare a viable business plan.
  • Access to guides and directories on innovation finance and sources of finance at EU, national and regional level.
  • Access to workshops and roundtables providing both a general introduction to innovation finance and more specific and practical guidance on the financing process and presentations to investors.
  • Online helpdesk support to provide a readily accessible source of assistance and advice.

Main activities of the EIFN project:

  • Establish a comprehensive network to improve the financing innovation in the energy sector (Europe Innova Energy Network - 350 stakeholders).
  • Identify and design financial services (solutions) according to the specific characteristics of the innovation in the energy sector (map linking needs of innovation in energy sector and funding sources).
  • Design and develop of methodologies and tools to elaborate business plans and financial analysis for the innovation projects (mainly focus on long term mature and high volatility: Multi-scenarios, sensitivity and simulation analysis and real options approaches.
  • Develop a facility that improves the access of innovation energy enterprises and institutions to financing.
  • Practical test.
  • Dissemination activities: Workshops (24 ws-1,000 attends), roundtables, newsletters.

The EIFN results:
EIFN will be a one-stop-shop

  • For the energy innovative entrepreneur, giving access to:
    • Business plan preparation tool package
    • Business plan diagnostic
    • Discussion forums
    • Industry news and events
    • Investor identification and matching tool
    • Service provider directory
    • Roundtables and workshops
    • Access to a network of local intermediaries
  • For innovation professionals and intermediaries in particular Incubator Managers, business associations managers, innovation Relay Centres managers, venture Capital Investors, etc.
  • For good practice benchmarking
    • Good practice repository with guides, standard texts, etc.
    • workshops for interested parties
  • For professional development
    • Access to experts, trainers and speakers
    • Industry conference access
  • For community and networking
    • Associations of venture capital investors
    • Energy sectorial federations
    • Networks technology incubators
    • Innovation managers
    • Network of academics and entrepreneurship trainers
  • For tools and resources
    • Investor and technology matching service
    • Online membership and competence directory
    • A support package for entrepreneurship training providers

The role of the EIFN Stakeholder Committee
The Stakeholder Committee will:

  • Be periodically informed on the project development
  • Participate in the project activities such as workshops and roundtables
  • Create a user panel devoted to test and review the project tools and materials in order to be sure it could fulfil user needs and expectations
  • Approve and disseminate the project outputs of general interest. The members of the Stakeholder Committee could contribute in arising awareness of the importance of facilitating bridging services between financiers and innovative companies working in the field of energy.

Stakeholder Committee participation basis:

  • The members of the Stakeholder Committee should be experienced in innovation, project finance or energy sector.
  • The members of the Stakeholder Committee have to co-operate with the project consortium in testing the functionality of the project tools and materials and they will be interested in contributing to disseminate the general interest aspects raised by the project development.
  • Basically, members of the Stakeholder Committee will be representatives of financial organisations (banks, venture capital funds, business angels, etc.) and representatives from experienced private companies of the energy sector and their intermediaries. Innovation promoters and managers can also be admitted.
  • The Stakeholder Committee will be composed by approx. 350 members from different EU and candidate countries.
  • There is no maximum number of members, but there is a restriction of 1 person representing the same organisation.
  • The nomination for the Stakeholder Committee is honorific and not remunerated.

You can also view or download the document in PDF format from here


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