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TechnologyCountry Reference
Remote control of micro hydro-electrical power stationRomania05 RO RISC 0DI3
System for measurement of the quantity of excavated material in open pitsRomania05 RO RISC 0DI0
Computerised decision-making assistance system to monitor and analyse the quality of the environmentRomania05 RO RISC 0DHZ
Hydro pneumatic installation on running waters for electric energy production and for irrigationsRomania05 RO RIAP 0DVA
Stand-Alone IslandItaly06 IT MECC 0EKP
Innovative desalination system by means of reverse osmosisSpainBBS 17197
Thermal solar collectorSpainBBS 16894
Thermal-solar integrated system 150 litresSpainBBS 16953
Two-axis solar tracking systems for solar energy applications (thermal and photovoltaic solar energy)SpainBBS 16948
TGE: DESALPARK - Windfarm isolated from the power supply fitted to a desalination plantSpainBBS 6783
TGE - FOTOHIELO: System for ice production supplied by solar photovoltaic powerSpainBBS 6778
CONTEDES GE-10/IO-15. Container for desalinisation and production of electric power autonomous from the power supplySpainBBS 6734
AEROHIELO: Ice production by wind powerSpainBBS 6781
AEROGEDESA: Wind generator for desalination plantsSpainBBS 6782
AEROFRIGO: Refrigerator supplied by wind powerSystem for the purification of sea water powered by air energySpainBBS 9494
Solar collector test laboratory LABSOLSpainBBS 14760
Solar Water Desalination SystemSpainBBS 9371
Flow Accelerating Wind TowerSpainBBS 15662
Environmentally friendly, mechanically driven alternative electric power generator system producing an unlimited amount of electric powerSpainBBS 6673
Electricity power generation device running with any type of flowing waterSpainBBS 16001
Desalination plant by reverse osmosis supplied by solar energySpainBBS 6777
System for the purification of sea water powered by air energySpainBBS 13429
Voltage transformer with variable ratio and fine control of on-load voltageRomania06 RO RISC 0FK9
Installation for water energising and stimulation of plant growthRomania05 RO RISC0DHY
Magneto-electrical generatorRomania06 RO RISC 0FIC
Cladding material for greenhouses, energy saving in agricultureNetherlandsTO NL 2353
Air heating technology for high-ceiling structures, especially churchesNetherlandsTO NL 2400
New power generation with HTS (high temperature super conductivity) for energy reduction furnace, train and ship propulsionNetherlandsTO NL 3005
Higher efficiency by actively controlled aerodynamic forcesNetherlandsTO NL 4378
Micro water turbine generator converting water flow into 200 mW of electrical powerNetherlandsTO NL 7007
Photovoltaic solar power plants including all servicesGermany06 DE NSNA 0GK8
Control system for regulation of voltage level and energy consumptionPoland07 PL SPCT 0GZI
Innovative bio diesel production techniques using amine-based catalystsGermany06 DE NRXE 0GX1
Decentralised plant for economical production of bio dieselGermany06 DE NSTT 0GU7
Distributed network control system for energy management in buildingsSpain06 ES NWPT 0GTL
Universal electric motor kit for bicyclesBelgium06 BE WLGI 0GSS
Concentrator of Reflexive Cavity (CRC) for photovoltaic electricity generationSpain07 ES SSIT 0H8N
Anaerobic digestion of solid wasteSpain
Dual-fuel engine reduces nitrogen dioxide and soot emissionsItaly
Exploiting sugar waste for biomass production
Harnessing the sun via solar cellsSpain
New solutions for gas detectionFinland
Novel fail-safe floodlight technologySpain
Pen-sized probe pinpoints faulty circuitsFrance
Silicon porosity for piezo-electric/optic applications
Water desalination through wind energyGermany
Air conditioning system at very low energy consumptionSpain07 ES SSIT 0HZ8
Obtaining electrical energy from movementSpain07 ES SSIT 0INP
Capture and storage of water from the atmosphereSpain08 ES SSIT 0JQF
Advanced services of oceanographic consultancy, maritime and environmental work with the support of specialist shipsSpain08 ES SSIT 0JHH
Block for anchoring, placing and protection of sewers, channels and underwater cables on sandy seabedSpain07 ES SSIT 0JFK
Gravity engineRomania07 RO RISC 0H20
Vapour engineRomania06 RO RISC 0GB2
Hybrid engineRomania07 RO RISC 0ID1

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