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TechnologyCountry Reference
Integrated system for energy controlItaly06 IT MECC 0FGE
New generation of tiles whit acoustic and thermal insulationItaly06 IT MECC 0FGG
Wind Turbine Blade manufacturingItaly05 IT MECC 0CTS
Renewable Energy Generation - Home and Industrial UseItaly07 IT TUPT 0H0D
New Small Hydroelectric TurbineIsrael06 IL ILMI 0GN2
Extinction chambers or tubes for electric arcs, suitable for mast switches used to disconnect under tension of medium voltage transmission linesHungary06 HU HUBU 0GXD
A technology of renewable energy productionPoland06 PL EPUW 0GSR
Innovative photovoltaic panels for the Iberian marketPortugal06 PT PTIE 0GDY
Energy saving devices and technologiesItaly06 IT LADA 0GGN
Supply and commissioning of a Solar Cooling systemMalta53-00602
Bio-ethanol production from biomassRomania07 RO RIAP 0IK2
Bio-ethanol production from sorghum and strawRomania06 RO RIAP 0GAA

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