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- EIFN team wish you Merry Chritsmas and Happy New Year
- EIFN TO: Technology Offer
- Electricity sector faces huge uncertainties
- ELENA: New Source of Funding for Local Energy Action
- Energy & transport programmes
- Energy & transport programmes
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- Energy Framework Programmes
The Western European Gas Market Outlook 2008: Countryprofiles of supply, demand, regulation and infrastructure

Europeangas markets continue to experience rapid changes driven both by liberalizationand new market entrants.

The Future of Wind Power: Increasing economiccompetitiveness as the technology matures

Almost thesame level of wind capacity 46,503MW has been added in the past three yearsas was added in the twenty years previously.

Published:October 2008 Global

The Future of Solar Power: Key technologies and driversfor a solarfuture

Solar power is on the verge of a major breakthrough in terms ofshort and mid-term deployment.

The Cost of Power Generation: The current and futurecompetitiveness of renewable and traditional technologies

Conditions within the power industry have changed significantly inrecent years. The rising cost of natural gas has made this an expensive sourceof power, while concern about global warming and the introduction of limits onCO2 emissions will have a profound effect on the use of coal for powergeneration, at least in the developed world.

The Biofuels Market Outlook: Market drivers, growthopportunities and regulatory change

Over 80 per cent of the worlds primary energy supply is currentlyderived from fossil fuels. Concerns around energy security, climate change andrising oil prices are driving the search for cheaper and more environmentallyfriendly alternatives.

The Future of Clean Coal: The impact of new technologiesand legislation on the economics of coal-fired power generation

Coal accounts for 40% of global electricity supply and theproportion is set to remain steady, even as global generating capacity rises.Coal-fired generating capacity may double by 2030, which would have a severeeffect on carbon dioxide emissions unless new, cleaner technologies can beimplemented.

The Future of Cogeneration in Europe: GrowthOpportunities and Key Drivers of Success

Cogeneration(simultaneous production of electricity and heat), offers significantly higherfuel efficiency compared with conventional ways of generating electricity fromfossil fuel. Provided there is a ready market for the heat output, this notonly saves on fuel costs but also reduces CO2 emissions.

'> Energy reports
- Energy Savings in ICT and ICT for Energy Savings
- Energy security of supply under EU climate policies
- Today's Energy Solutions is the only publication devoted to helping manufacturers succeed. With quarterly issues in 2008, Today's Energy Solutions will provide valuable information to help manufacturing professionals improve productivity on current processes as well as facilitate the creation of new processes for alternative energy solutions.'> Energy Solutions, Free Subscription
- Environmental Expert Portal
- EREC - European Renewable Energy Council Upcoming Events
- ESF Research Conferences, 2009-2010
- Lights Out? The Energy Outlook in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, launched at Bruxelles on  March 18, 2010
The demand for primary energy in the Europe and Central Asia region is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2030, said Peter Thomson, Director for Sustainable Development in the World Bank's Europe and Central Asia region, "while the demand for electricity is expected to increase by 90 percent."

'> EU & Central Asia Facing Energy Crunch; World Bank reports on Energy Outlook
- EU Biofuels Technology Platform public consultation opens
- EU businesses lead move to a low carbon economy
- EU Competitiveness Report 2007
- EU Energy Commissioner hails microgeneration as an important part of the EU’s energy future
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