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EIFN is a project supported by the European
Commission under the Europe INNOVA initiative

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- New Flexible, Switchable Mirror Film on Windows Boosts Energy Efficiency
- New Model Condominium Using High-voltage Electricity and Solar Power Generation Unveiled
- New Motor-Assisted Hybrid Power System for Trains Reduces Emissions and Costs
- New TO technology offers
- News from ManagEnergy
- to provide subsidies for the installation of solar-powered rapid charging stations for EVs. After inviting applications for the subsidy from municipalities, corporations and sole proprietors in the prefecture, the prefecture announced the names of selected recipients of the subsidy and the locations of the EV charging stations.

'> Osaka Prefecture Grants Subsidies to Solar-Powered EV Charging Stations
- OTTI - Renewable Energies Events
- OTTI seminars and conferences in the field of renewable energies, efficient use of energy
- Partner Search for FP7 Advanced Research Grant Proposal Project in Energy Field
- Partner search service for Intelligent Energy - Europe Call 2007
- Partner Search Service to find Partners for your Intelligent Energy Europe and FP7 projects
- '> Photovoltaics report reviews state of industry
- '> Pilot Plant Starts Producing Bioethanol from Soft Cellulose Biomass
- Polytechnics Ltd TO technologies offers
- Polytechnics Ltd, look for partners in the field of renewable energy
- POWERGRID Europe 2010 Pre Show Guide Launched
- Practical Guide to EU Funding for Research, Development & Innovation
The technology will extract the methane from the water to supplement the energy produced by the dam turbines.

The scientists estimate that worldwide the technique could prevent emissions equivalent to more than the total annual burning of fossil fuels in the UK - and reduce the pressure to build new dams in sensitive areas such as the Amazon.

'> Project aims to extract dam methane
- Project ELEIEC Enhancing Lifelong Learning for the Electrical and Information Engineering Community
- Project ELEIEC Enhancing Lifelong Learning for the Electrical and Information Engineering Community
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