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International Center for Entrepreneurship and Venture Development (ICEVED)

ICEVED is an initiative of 25 top Business Schools in the world that offers a global link to business schools, entrepreneurs, investors, and information. The purpose of ICEVED is to promote economic progress and the generation of wealth and employment by fostering the global entrepreneurial spirit and using global technological resources. Its Services are:

  • Data Bases: The latest, most complete and up-to-date information on entrepreneurs, business plans, investors and the job market. Information Sources: From Reuters and Dun & Bradstreet to in-house data on sectors, products, financial institutions, management tools, ad infinitum.
  • Distance Learning: Online courses in cutting edge financial and management subjects, some free of charge and others which can be downloaded for a modest fee.
  • Clipboard: A broad-spectrum of attractive business partners and employment opportunities, among others, including a place to post your own personal ads/announcements at My Clipboard.
  • Distribution Lists: Make contacts and e-mail your ideas/proposals/comments to all ICEVED participants using our categorized distribution lists of entrepreneurs, investors, and business schools.



Europe´s 500 Jobs Creating Companies

Europe's 500 founded 1996 is an European non-profit membership and networking organization for growth entrepreneurs dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and growth in Europe. They represent more than 2000 growth entrepreneurs in Europe who have been listed and awarded at least once under the list of the Top 500 Growth Entrepreneurs in Europe.  Europe's 500 wants to contribute to an environment more favorable to entrepreneurship by developing initiatives in favor for growth and are looking for a dialogue with the EU institutions. We thereby contribute to growth and job creation in Europe.


  • They want to take care of that Growth companies are recognized as the job and prosperity creators.
  • They want children to grow up thinking and behaving in an entrepreneurial manner by taking responsibility for their own future.


  • They promote entrepreneurship throughout Europe and advise policy-makers to improve the environment for growth companies.



European Commission / Enterprise

European Commission / Entrepreneurship

 European Charter for Small Business

The European Commission's Enterprise policy aims at creating a favorable environment for enterprises and business in Europe, thus creating productivity growth and the job and wealth necessary to achieve the objectives set by the European Council in Lisbon in March 2000.

Enterprise policy comprises a number of policy actions related to:

  • Industrial Policy; Manufacturing industry still plays a key role in Europe's prosperity and the Commission has felt a need to put industry back at the heart of policy concerns.
  • Framework conditions favorable to SMEs; The European Charter for Small Enterprises calls upon Member States and the Commission to take action to support and encourage small enterprises in ten key areas.
  • Multiannual Programme for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (2001-2005); The Multiannual Programme 2001-2005 (known as the "MAP") is an instrument for activities aimed at enhancing the growth and competitiveness of business, promoting entrepreneurship, simplifying and improving the administrative and regulatory framework for business, improving the financial environment for business, especially SMEs, and giving them easier access to Community support services, programmes and networks. The MAP supports: the Euro Info Centres network, the financial instruments and policy development (e.g. Best Procedure projects).

More information about these policies in:


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research program is an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity. Initiated in 1999 with 10 countries, expanded to 21 in the year 2000, with 29 countries in 2001 and 37 countries in 2002. GEM 2006 will conduct research in 39 countries. The research program, based on a harmonized assessment of the level of national entrepreneurial activity for all participating countries, involves exploration of the role of entrepreneurship in national economic growth. Systematic differences continue, with few highly entrepreneurial countries reflecting low economic growth. There is, further, a wealth of national features and characteristics associated with entrepreneurial activity.

Those new to the research program will find global comparisons, national reports, and special topic reports based on the annual data collection cycle. This material can be downloaded after a few simple items of personal background are provided. Over 120 scholars and researchers are actively participating in the GEM project; those with user names and passwords will have access to the interview schedules, data collection procedures, and other details required for systematic analysis.



The European Awards for Entrepreneurs (Eurowards)

EUROWARDS has carved out a niche for itself since 1991 as the only European awards organization that enables business entrepreneurs from 30 countries to measure themselves up against one another. It also provides them with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and experiences that will enable them to develop their activities in Europe.

EUROWARDS is more European: a single European selection level, based on criteria for performance, viability and European development will enable nominated entrepreneurs to meet one another and compare notes, as well as to learn how to present their companies better with the assistance of experts.



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