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Funding Opportunities

Many European undertakings, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), face particular difficulty in obtaining access to funding. This puts not only the development of enterprises at risk, but often, also their very creation. It is therefore imperative to secure an attractive financial environment for undertakings in order to stimulate European entrepreneurship and in turn, European growth.
The European Union has risen to this challenge and has created many different kinds of financial assistance for undertakings. The financing facilities proposed lie within the scope of various programmes and schemes, some of which are covered by Community policies, for example the environment. Through the European Union's efforts to find financial assistance, undertakings can benefit from the help offered by the many support networks.
The Member States realise the need to offer financial assistance to undertakings, even at national level.

The European Union realise the need to offer financial assistance even at national level.
More informations, for each European country:  http://europa.eu.int/youreurope/nav/en/business/content/eu/fundingopportunities/en.html



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