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Increased energy efficiency of a system for tracking solar PV (Photovoltaic) using an innovative mechanism

Catania Ricerche - IRC-Project Proposal

Project Abstract:

The project aims to identify, analyze and verify experimentally a technological solution to increase the production of the PV system using an innovative mechanism.

We intend to create two groups of results, the first consists of design tools and methodologies to achieve an efficient and compatible from an environmental point of view, the second on the design and construction of a prototype device and to check the real effectiveness in terms of increased energy collection from the surface PV.

First of all, the validity general will have significant potential applications in the design of automation systems which should take into account the control energy consumption devices designed.

As regards the second part of the project, the research will design and implement an automation system using innovative technologies reducing the consumption and increasing the performance. It will compare to similar currently devices.

In particular, we want to emphasize that saving energy is not necessarily correlated with a reduction in performances, but through careful planning and innovative ideas can combine efficiency and increase production out.

Description of proposal:

The activities will be divided as follows:

   • State of the techniques and strategies in order to save energy applied to the mechanism;

   • Proposal for a new articulated mechanism;

   • Implement an algorithm that optimizes uptake as a function of optimal positioning in 8760 hours of the year;

   • study of the kinematics, singularity and workspace;

   • structural analysis of and mechanical vibrations;

   • dynamic model and static-dynamic optimization for the saving energy in its assigned trajectory;

   • choice of system implementation with electric motors and high-efficiency variable speed regulators for path-planning;

   • choice of position sensors and luminosity in order to optimize the amount of energy collection for widespread radiation component;

   • prototype;

   • experimentation and illustration of the results;

   • problematic and strategies for industrialization.

Target partner expertise sought

Identify end-user requirements, finalize and implement market entry strategies and establish sales and distribution channels.

Potential commercial partners include SMEs or other interested in establish marketing channels throughout Europe, and partners interested in executing the construction and installation.

Potential academic partners include entities to refine, test and advance the concept further.

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