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Insitution Title
IEn PolandIntegration of particulate abatement, removal of trace elements and tar reforming in one biomass steam gasification reactor yielding high purity syngas for efficient CHP and power plants - (UNIQUE)
IEn PolandEU Energy Security of Supply Assessment Methodology (OCTAVIO)
IEn PolandEfficient Environmental-Friendly Electro-Ceramics Coating ( EFECTS ).
IEn PolandPolish - Norwegian Research Fund - (IEn and SINTEF)
IPA Craiova, RomaniaNew methods for increasing electrical energy quality, applicable ecological technologies and solution concepts in accordance with European standards, CompCalSys
IPA Craiova, RomaniaMObility, Development and Energy use ReductioN, Acronym: MODERN, Civitas + Programme
IPA Craiova, RomaniaPilot Network by research - testing of a new production process based on on-line faults prediction for integrated maintenance and reliability, applied to a installation of detritiation Acronym: CONTMENT.
IPA Craiova, RomaniaThe development of the building generator-convertor concept whit energetic autonomy and acumulation in infrastructure and soil Acronym: RENERGHOME
IPA Craiova, RomaniaStudy and implementation of a technical solution to improve the energetic efficiency, safety and security in electrical urban traffic. Acronym: EFES-TREL

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