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Protocol of activity in EIFN network




EIFN project is supported by the European Commission under the 6th RTD Framework Programme with the contract No. 022506.
This document or any other documents produced within the EIFN project does not represent the opinion of the European Commission. Neither the European Commission, nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission, is responsible for the use that might be made of the information arising form the EIFN.

     of activity in EIFN - Network

Art.1.   The presentation of the draft Protocol was made with the occasion of the Steering Committee meeting, in Catania, 20 and 21 March 2006.
The Protocol is correlate with D9, EU Europe INNOVA Energy Network Charter witch provides the Terms of Reference for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee to the Project Consortium and with the Letter of acceptance (to take part of the EIFN Stakeholder Committee).

Art. 2.  The participants acknowledge this Protocol, with the observations that was including in final version.
Art. 3.  In order to become a member of the EIFN Stakeholder Committee, the Stakeholder will transmit to the coordinator a Letter of acceptance with:

  • Data about the company, the address, contact data, email address, web page, the activity domain
  • Representative in the network, name, forename, expertise

Art. 4   The observations regarding the content of the Protocol of a partner can be transmitted even after the signing of the Letter of acceptance but they cannot change neither the principle agreement declared when applying for the admission in the EIFN Stakeholder Committee, nor the present Protocol in its entirety, but only in what concerns strictly the technical matters.
Art. 5.  The present protocol is an open document, agreed also by other partners not present at the Steering Committee meeting or by those who have not signed the Letter of acceptance up to the present moment. The filling of the Letter of acceptance is the compulsory step for any partner and represents the affiliation document to the EIFN network. The acceptance of a new partner is notified to the partners by the coordinator of the network that also has the database of all the partners in the network.
Art. 6.  Partners of the EIFN network

  • Founder members (partners of the EIFN project)
  • Accepted members in the EIFN Stakeholder Committee

Art. 7.  The organizing of the EIFN network

  • Coordinator
  • National Contact Points - NCP
  • Regional Contact Points - RCP
  • Institutional Contact Points - ICP
    • Financial units – ICP-F
    • EU entrepreneurs: Innovation units, R&D institutes, academic institutions, engineering and consulting companies, energy companies, public institutions, SMEs, Associations… - ICP-E
    • End – users, energy companies – ICP-U

Art. 8.  Offered services / available to the partners are:

  • The receiving of Newsletters
  • The participation at events organized by the EIFN network
  • The dissemination of information regarding the research programs (news, beginnings, terms, etc.),  symposia,  conferences, workshops or brokerages
  • The organising of events (workshops, conferences)
  • The promotion of technology offers and requests (TO / TR)
  • The presentation of some projects that search for partners, and also the sources, the current financing opportunities.
  • The promotion of innovative ideas in the national and international media interested, through their own network, of the European networks and partnerships.
  • Access to their own dissemination network
  • Useful links
  • Consultancy for the financing attraction for the innovative projects
  • Consultancy and support for the TTT – transnational technology transfer realization

To which are added the required services by each partner in the first part of the Letter of Intent and accepted by the coordinator for that specific partner.
The offered services / available for the Founder members, National Contact Points:

  • The presentation and the promotion of their own expertise (through the Web page specific for each partner)
  • The participation in all activities of the project

            The consultancy for the participants in the network is mainly done through the Regional and National Contact Points that they pertain to.
Art. 9.  The services that each partner has to offer for the EIFN network, according to those written in the Letter of acceptance, are acknowledged and accepted by the coordinator as being in the interest of the project EIFN  by which the EIFN network is financed.
Services offered by the NCP / RCP / ICP:

  • The promotion in their own region of the Objectives of the EIFN Project and the dissemination of information regarding the attraction of the financing through projects.
  • The attraction of the partners in their own regional network, as part of the EIFN network.
  • The formation of a private database with potential partner companies, interested in the services of the EIFN network.
  • The assurance of services (by their own means or with the help of the EIFN network) to the partners from their own regional network.
  • They provide a link from their own web page to the site of the EIFN Network.

The mentioned services are minimal and do not exclude other services that the NCP / RCP / ICP can provide.
Art. 10. The assurance of services for the partners in their own regional network can be made also by support requested from the EIFN network. Each regional point can set its own politics of fares regarding the services offered, different fares taking into account certain foreseen criteria.
Art. 11.            The partners engage upon supporting the activity of the EIFN network, for the entire period of the project, accordingly and exclusively on the basis of the benefits and obligations stipulated in the present Protocol. Also, the partners engage in participating at the development of the functions of the network and at the organizing of actions for the specific and specialized dissemination and promotion, as stated in the project.
Art. 12.  Partners engage upon protecting by their own means the network against:

  • The uncontrolled access at the published data on their own sites, as component parts of the network
  • The voluntary destruction of the published data on their own sites as a result of virus infection, Trojans or other destructive programs
  • Other specific problems

And to support solutions, recommendations etc. and other partners in the realization of an adequate security of the entire network.
Art. 13.  The partners engage upon posting and transmitting in the EIFN Network ONLY messages that are within the thematic of the list, relevant information.

  • The discussions and the information exchange on this general theme are encouraged, with the condition of using a civilized language and the discussing/confronting ideas and not persons
  • If your message is relevant only for a certain person, send the message only to that person
  • There are not accepted strictly commercial messages, with the exception of those announcing the release of some relevant publications for the thematic of the list or of those who offer training and consultancy regarding the elaboration and/or the management of the projects.
  • The messages that do not respect this set of recommendations will be rejected or will not be distributed on the list by the moderators. The moderators are not obliged to justify their decisions for not having distributed certain messages.

Art. 14. The partners engage upon the assurance of a maximum functional availability of their own sites and of their connections with the network and with other partners.
Art. 15. The partners are entitled to collaborate at the editing of the Newsletter, and other common editorial materials, under the coordination of the headman of the network. These collaborations will be discussed with each interested partner, the editorial materials being available equally to every partner.
Art.16. The partners agree to support, locally, the coordinator of the network in his consultancy, support and dissemination of information matters for the eventually interested solicitors. The actions that will not regard the virtual space of the network will be subject of separate negotiation and expenses offset.
Art.17. A partner can withdraw from the network after a period of one month from the notification of the coordinator* . Also, the coordinator can solicit a partner to withdraw the participation in the network when the latter does not fulfil his duties given through this Protocol, for 2 months from the acknowledged notification of the coordinator. Any of the situations mentioned above will be communicated by the coordinator to all the partners in the network.
Art 18. By withdrawing, a partner is not exonerated by his own contractual obligations assumed in the period when he was a member of the EIFN network.
Art.19. There can appear bilateral or multilateral misunderstandings between partners, without the agreement of the coordinator, for any other activities than the specific ones in the EIFN network, which should not diminish or affect the activities within the EIFN network.
Art.20. The immediate and lasting identification of this partnership is in the writing on the main page of their own site of the mark of the EIFN project and in the notification that the respective partner is a part of the EIFN network. Both the mark and the notification will be visible and clearly written. One recommends the usage of the mark on the official page of the EIFN project.
Art.21. The entire activity in the Network is realized with the conformation to the regulations regarding the protection of the intellectual rights.
Art.22. By acknowledge this present Protocol and / or signing the Letter of Intent, the partners state their own determination and motivation to effectively participate in the activities of the EIFN network and guarantee the veracity of their own data, information found in the Letter of Intent, on the own web site and the dissemination EIFN web site.

*major cases are excepted, when the withdraw is an understood fact.


@2006 IPA CIFATT Craiova. All rights reserved.