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The ICT Proposers' Day for Mobility, Environmental Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, 1 February, Köln, Germany
EIFN support - International Conference on Waste management & green energy technologies, Bucharest, Romania, 19 April 2007
The first International Conference “Waste Management and Green Energy Technologies” - WAGES 2007

The first International Conference “Waste Management and Green Energy Technologies”

The first International Conference “Waste Management and Green Energy Technologies” took place in Bucharest on 19th of April.

The theme of the conference was “WAGES-2007 Technology against global warming” and around 60 participants assist in the conference work papers presentation.

The conference demonstrated the interest of different players in the field and created the suited environment for new and strong relations between industry, technology providers and financiers with the common aim to find and apply ecologic solutions for waste and energy sources.

In the Conference was presented new technology for “green energy”

IPA CIFATT Craiova was one of the conference co-organizer and participated as IRC 4D (Innovation Relay Center) and as partner in EIFN project (Energy sector Innovation Financial Network).

To view the most important material related to the conference thematic please follow the links:

  • Proceedings – work papers presented during the conference

  • General information – legislation and regulations related to the waste management

  • Best practices - Sorting of municipal solid waste - sorting plant Glina, Bucharest, Romania

  • Pictures

  • Call for papers

In relationship with the conference other two events took place at the end of the first conference section:

  1. Varnishing day of children paintings: the environment viewed through children eyes.

  2. Book launching:

    • Solar Photovoltaic applications, Sandor BARTHA, Dan TEODOREANU, Istvan FARKAS, Maria FARKAS, Istvan SERES, Catalin Constantin NEGREANU,

    • Regenerables energies conversion; Autonome hybride systems hibride type eolian-fotovoltaic-diesel, Mihail PREDESCU,


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