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A light touch for energy savings

  One of the simplest acts promoting energy conservation is to switch off lights when not required, but there is a more subtle way to make considerable additional savings. A company in Spain has devised a reliable system to adjust the intensity of lighting to match varying requirements.
(source: IRC Network)


The power of perseverance

Ten long years of running on faith have seen Archer Trice, a British family business, develop an innovative turbine engine. With the help of the IRC network, it was able to hook up with a Dutch high-tech group, ICCU Holdings, that plans to pump millions of euros into developing the technology commercially for distributed power generation.
(source: IRC Network)


Small-scale hydropower in Europe

Increasing the proportion of energy generated from renewable resources is a key objective in the European Union today. The IRC network helped two companies in Finland and Germany to take advantage of a renewable energy opportunity by using compact hydro-turbine technology combined with power-plant expertise.
(source: IRC Network)


Looking ahead pays energy dividends

Electricity can be bought more cheaply if industrial consumers know in advance how much they will need and when. A web-based software system provided by the electricity supplier allows customers interactively to monitor and predict their own consumption.
(source: IRC Network)


Joint Venture Company to Manufacture Electrical Monitoring Equipment

IRCs in Finland and Ireland were able to help two companies overcome the legal hurdles inherent in setting up a new joint venture company. SUPAPOW’s remote current meter should find markets around the world, particularly where electricity is distributed over long distances.
(source: IRC Network)


A Breath of Fresh Air for Wind Energy

Generating electricity from renewable energy sources, such as the wind, has become an important issue in Europe over recent years. Spanish SME, Enerlim Albia, was therefore keen to promote WECNA, a new type of wind-powered generator, across Europe.
(source: IRC Network)


Photo-voltaic cells: an Innovative Technology

Twenty years ago, a German inventor saw a way to bring photo-voltaics to the mass market. The EU and a regional government backed him, but the banks were unconvinced.
(source: IRC Network)


Solar Roof for Drying Agricultural Products

When Flemish company Dumon Agro wanted to incorporate solar power into a new drying hall for their agricultural products they faced a problem. They knew that the technology they needed existed somewhere, but they didn’t know where.
(source: IRC Network)


Klaipėda geothermal plant, Lithuania

Geothermal energy is clean energy, which avoids pollution of 52,000 t of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 270 t of NOx (nitrogen oxides) per year, which would be emitted from substituted organic fuel.


Heat and electricity from sewerage treatment silt in Lithuania

Operating CHP plant, using biogas from sewerage treatment silt for heat and electricity generation. Kaunas (Lithuania) district heating company „Kauno energija“ has invested into the construction of the new CHP plant in Noreikišk•s (Kaunas suburb), operating on biogas from Kaunas sewerage treatment plant. Noreikišk•s CHP plant is the first among Lithuanian district heating companies such type power plant using biogas. This Project corresponds with the strategic goal of the Lithuanian energy sector and helps to implement the requirements of European Union directive 2001/77 – 12% of energy produced of renewable energy resources by 2010 and 22.1% of electricity generation in national electricity balance.
(source: EIFN Newsletter no4)



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