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Profiles of technology offers related with energy and environment looking for international cooperation:

ITC Canaries:

  1. Obtaining electrical energy from movement (Ref: 07 ES SSIT 0INP)
  2. Capture and storage of water from the atmosphere (Ref: 08 ES SSIT 0JQF)
  3. Advanced services of oceanographic consultancy, maritime and environmental work with the support of specialist ships (Ref: 08 ES SSIT 0JHH)
  4. Block for anchoring, placing and protection of sewers, channels and underwater cables on sandy seabed (Ref: 07 ES SSIT 0JFK)
  5. Artificial block for the protection of sloping moles and seashores or river banks (Ref: 07 ES SSIT 0JFI )

  6. Block in the form of an artificial reef, which makes the regeneration, recovery and rehabilitation of marine habitats possible (Ref: 07 ES SSIT 0JFL )
  7. Folding wheelchair with ventilation system (Ref: 08 ES SSIT 0K6T )
  8. Prefabricated concrete block that considerably improves the conditions for operation of docks with vertical faces (Ref: 07 ES SSIT 0JFJ )

IPA Craiova, Romania:
Technology offers

  1. Gravity engine (Ref: 07 RO RISC 0H20)
  2. Vapour engine (Ref: 06 RO RISC 0GB2)
  3. Magneto-electrical generator (Ref: 06 RO RISC 0FIC)
  4. Hybrid engine (Ref: 07 RO RISC 0ID1)

Technology Request

ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH, Patentagency Brainshell: Innovative Solutions “Invented in Brandenburg“:

  •  High-output Solar Cells Using Up-Conversion - The invention presented here can increase the output of solar cells. The novel technology uses glass plates containing lanthanoid ions. Unlike conventional glass, this type of glass converts long-wave solar radiation (up-conversion) and thus increases the rate of electricity production. Moreover, the invention reduces the temperature in the solar cells, which in turn further increases their output. Download or view PDF file
  • Fault Detection in Solar Cells - This invention permits to detect faults in solar cells during the production process. It includes a fastening device and uses a measurement tool for optical excitation of the solar cell elements in various zones. Interpretation of the resulting magnetic field permits to check whether the solar cell is faulty or not. The fault detection procedure is contact-free. It uses several laser sources to permit parallel, simultaneous checking of a large solar cell area. A new technology hinders interferences between the various magnetic fields. Download or view PDF file
  • Heating and Cooling of Structures Built On or Near Water - Lausitz University of Applied Sciences invented a process for heating and/or cooling structures built on or near water. The novel process permits to reduce energy consumption if compared with other processes. Download or view PDF file
  • Photocatalytic Air and Waste Water Purification - The novel process uses the photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide to remove all toxic substances from exhaust air and waste water. Spraying and irradiation of the catalytic metal surface, as well as an additional ozone generator, increase the efficiency of the new process.Download or view PDF file
  • Continuous Dry Fermentation - The invention consists in a process and a device for the continuous liquefaction of biomass. Solid materials are fed in at the base of the fermentor, and an upward flow in the ambient liquid brings the biomass to the surface, where the residual solid materials can be collected. Download or view PDF file
  • Automatic Pellet Furnace - A patent is available for an innovative, fully automatic furnace that uses solid fuel and delivers between 150 and 1000 kW. Combustion remains constant with a variety of fuels, including wood and lignite pellets. The furnace requires only low maintenance. The innovative combustion ring and the special air inlet system guarantee perfect combustion. Download or view PDF file

IEn Poland - Technology Offers:

  • SOFC technology, the current work is concentrated on anode supported cells scale-up and stack development. The extensive research of single cell performance is carried with computerized test stations using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and other characterization techniques.
  • Computational modeling, IEn has extensive experience in CFD modeling (CFD Fluent) of combustion processes, in particular pulverised coal fired burners and boilers. CFD modeling is also used as a standard tool for boilers optimisation and SOFC cell, stack and auxiliary units development. The computational analysis and optimisation of processes for the heat and electric power production was also performed (AspenPlus) and IGCC plants were analysed among others.
  • The biomass gasification, several biomass gasifiers were developed with the scale ranging from 1.5kW laboratory installation, through 100kW wood-chips gasifier and 800kW

CCR, Catania, Italy:


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