EIFN Energy Innovative Financial Network
EIFN is a project supported by the European
Commission under the Europe INNOVA initiative

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OTTI seminars and conferences in the field of renewable energies, efficient use of energy
OTTI aim is the stimulation of the industrial economy and the support of the cooperation between science and industry.
  • April 29- 30, 2010 5th European PV-Hybrid and Mini Grid Conference, Tarragona, Spain

  • October 20-21, 2010: 2nd International Conference Smart Grids and E-Mobility, Brussels, Belgium

  • February, 8-9, 2010: 6th User Forum Thin-Film Photovoltaics, Würzburg, Germany

OTTI Home Page: www.otti.eu
Contact: teresa.boidol@otti.de

EIFN Workshop “Innovation sponsorship for energy technologies”, March 18, 2008 at ISET, Kassel, Germany As contact person and for more information you can contact Ms. Susann Spriestersbach, email: sspriestersbach@iset.uni-kassel.de

Workshop: agenda and registration (pdf files)
More details at: www.iset.uni-kassel.de

EIFN Conference on Innovation in the Energy Sector,
April 4, Bilbao, Spain

The Europe INNOVA networks EIFN and CENCE jointly organise an international event in Bilbao's Palacio Euskalduna (Spain). This conference will be targeted towards European Cluster Cooperation and tools for project financing. The event highlights how the Europe INNOVA initiative supports innovation in the energy sector. Recognised experts will review innovation drivers and the ways in which they compete in the new energy markets. At the same time, the EIFN and CENCE networks will present their work and the results they have achieved during the last two years.

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To register please send an e-mail to jornadas@eve.es


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